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Student Career Days

PLANET's Student Career Days is right around the corner!

In just a couple of weeks over 800 students will be gathering in the Atlanta area to participate in the 34th Annual Student Career Days hosted by Chattahoochee Technical College. A lot of preparation has gone into making this event an exciting time for the students, and I have no doubt that it will be […]

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PLANET Faculty Research Presentations at GIC

University and Community College faculty play an important role in the preparation of the next generation of leaders in the Green Industry.  We take the responsibility of training Green Industry managers seriously, and PLANET is our partner.  When faculty members get together at the Green Industry Conference (GIC) or at Student Career Days, a common […]

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What a Great Time at Student Career Days

I am back home, I’ve caught up on some much needed sleep, and I am getting our landscape season started here in New York, but I often find myself thinking about this past Student Career Days in sunny, I mean SUNNY, California. It has been six years since I have last attended SCD and that […]

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Once the Game is Over

Saturday flew by in a blur.  Competition after competition, we rushed all over the Cal Poly campus to support our team, as other schools did too.  Overall, the group from the University of Florida had a learning filled day.  This experience allowed us the opportunity to understand more about the areas in the industry we are most interested in.  Saturday night […]

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Opening Ceremonies and Event Briefings

This morning was the Opening Ceremonies.  Mississippi State won the cheer contest from Roll Call, which is one of my favorite parts of the PLANET SCD!  Everyone has the opportunity to show off their school pride.  After the announcements we headed to the career fair where we reunited with familiar faces in the industry and met with new […]

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SCD 2009 Participant

Wow, I have to say that being from Florida, it is nice to be in a similar climate as home without having to drink the humidity from the air!!  My name is Kayla Childers and am here with the University of Florida.  GO GATORS!!   Since arriving last night I have spent time by the pool catching up […]

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Live from Student Career Days!

Today we kick off the 33rd Annual Student Career Days with a tour, workshops, and receptions.  This year we are in beautiful Southern California at Cal Poly Pomona and we couldn’t ask for more amazing weather.  It’s 75 and sunny, and we have over 800 students from 60 schools here to enjoy it.  With me this […]

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Ten Steps for a Successful Student Career Days

I teach in the Landscape Management program at Brigham Young University, and I have THE BEST job in the world! Really. For me, there is no better job than teaching students–students preparing to enter the Green Industry.In one week from this posting, 58 BYU students, four faculty and six professionals from our Grounds staff will […]

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