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IGI Researches Homeowners' Usage of Lawn and Landscape Services

NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative commissioned research from Harris Poll to better understand homeowners’ usage of professional lawn and landscape services and to learn about consumer buying behaviors and perceptions about the industry. The survey was conducted online within the United States between September 28 – October 2, 2017 among 2,171 adults aged 18+, among whom 1,721 have a home with a lawn/landscaping. The data points are rich and offer tremendous insight.

For instance, the survey found that of homeowners who have hired a professional over the past twelve months, the following were the top services utilized:

  • Mowing – 20%
  • Tree care (e.g., tree fertilization, spraying, trimming, removal) -20%
  • Lawn pest control (e.g., chinch bugs, grubs, moles) -17%
  • Weed prevention and control (e.g., crabgrass, dandelions) -16%
  • Irrigation system management/repair –  13%
  • Landscape maintenance (e.g., mulching, pruning, annual flower planting) – 13%
  • Lawn aeration (i.e., removal of small cores of soil from the lawn) -12%
  • Major landscape installation and/or enhancements -12%
  • Landscape design – 11%
  • Seeding/Re-seeding – 9%
  • Other services – 7%

In assessing primary purchasing drivers, the study found 52% of homeowners contract with professionals to help their lawn and landscape look better, 41% to save time, 30% to enjoy their yard more, and 12% for the environmental benefits offered by professionals. The survey also looked at why consumers don’t buy from professionals, regional and gender differences in buying behaviors, what marketing materials are most valued, and more.  The full report including data tables was made available to IGI Investors, in appreciation of their contributions that paid for the data collection. To get a complete copy of the report or learn more about IGI’s work to grow the industry and the workforce, contact Missy Henriksen.