Jason Keely, Author at The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Author: Jason Keely

Jason Keeley is the owner of MowingMagic, a landscape company in Virginia specializing in robotic lawn mowers.

Landscape Design Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Robot Mowers

Guest post In recent years, robotic mowers have gained popularity for their ability to efficiently maintain lawns with minimal human intervention. These autonomous machines offer a range of benefits, including time and labor savings, a consistently well-maintained lawn, and reduced noise and emissions. However, to fully maximize the benefits of robot mowers, proper landscape design […]

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How To Integrate Robot Mowers Into Your Lawn Care Business

Guest Post If you own or manage a lawn care business, then you’re probably already well aware of the current labor market and the difficult conditions it’s causing. Almost every industry, lawn care included, is dealing with labor shortages and a tight labor market. This can make it difficult to scale your business effectively. It […]

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Strategies for Dealing with Landscaping Labor Shortages

Guest Post One of the strange results we’ve seen in the post-pandemic economy is an overall labor shortage affecting virtually every industry. This includes manufacturing, technology, and the service industry especially. If you run a landscaping company, you’re likely already familiar with this labor shortage and have been seeing it for some time. Unfortunately, it […]

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