September 2017 - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Month: September 2017

Legislation in New Hampshire Could Limit Pesticide Use on Sports Fields

At NALP, we scour the fifty states looking for proposed legislation that might affect your business.  Some of these bills are authored by legislators whose heart is in the right place but their ideas are misguided.  Others, however, are the result of activism by those opposed to many different aspects of landscape operations, from pesticides […]

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3 Questions to Ask to Get the Right Customers

Article Author Alison Blobner is the Director of Marketing & Sales for LandOpt, an NALP Consultant Member firm. Even though some buying experiences are happening more and more on the web these days, that isn’t as true in our industry.  And the benefit is—we’re in the perfect position to pick and choose our buyers, the […]

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Help Us Reform the Prior Approval Requirement

When it comes to the political process, an even playing field is crucial. But, right out of the gate, NALP is at a distinct disadvantage. That is because trade associations must follow burdensome and outdated federal election regulations, that make it more challenging for our members to support NALP PAC, our political action committee. Before […]

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Portland, Maine Anti-Lawn Care Ordinance Update

Activists continue to advance their agenda in Southern Maine. In the wake of the defeat of state pesticide preemption legislation earlier this year, cities and towns such as Portland and Falmouth seek to enact local restrictions on the use of pesticides on lawns by professionals and homeowners alike. These ordinances will make it all but […]

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NALP Offices Get a Green Wall

You would assume that when the National Association of Landscape Professionals moved to newly designed offices, they would showcase members’ work, right? What was missing from our new offices?  A green wall!  And Interior plantscape experts Chris Raimondi, LIC of Raimondi Horticultural Group and Connie Hom, LIC of Buckingham Greenery kindly volunteered to install one […]

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Top 4 Things Property Managers Value Most in Their Account Managers

Author Ken Thomas, of Envisor Consulting is an NALP consultant member. Join Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy on October 18 for the Account Manager Training Workshop at LANDSCAPES 2017. As the commercial landscape maintenance industry continues to get more and more competitive it is critical for companies to understand the importance of differentiation. How can […]

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