NALP Offices Get a Green Wall - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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NALP Offices Get a Green Wall

You would assume that when the National Association of Landscape Professionals moved to newly designed offices, they would showcase members’ work, right? What was missing from our new offices?  A green wall!  And Interior plantscape experts Chris Raimondi, LIC of Raimondi Horticultural Group and Connie Hom, LIC of Buckingham Greenery kindly volunteered to install one for us.

The duo used a Next Gen modular system that was pretty easy to put up. The whole wall installation was completed in about 2 hours. With this style system, the plants stay in the pots and they sit in trays of water that have “sipper” straws to deliver the water which acts like an irrigation system.

We’ll be adding some tracking lighting to give the plants an even light source.

They used three types of plants: Emerald Beauty, Philodendron, and the staff favorite, the Neon Pothos.

Sure it is pretty and it is a conversation piece, but Connie and Chris are quick to point out that our new green wall has a lot of health benefits.

  • Noise reduction – Green walls reduce noise by about 5 decibles with different materials like moss reducing much more noise.
  • Clean air – Plants really clean the air and remove toxins that are in office carpet, paint, near copiers, etc.
  • Moisture – A living wall adds moisture to the air – which is a big help in winter.
  • Oxygen – Of course our new wall adds fresh oxygen to the office.

Interior plantscapers contribute so much to make our office spaces, restaurants, hotels and more look great and add health benefits!

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