December 2016 - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Month: December 2016

Optimize Your Revenue Mix for More Profitability in 2017

Author Monica Muir, of  Muir & Associates is an NALP consultant member.  Many small business owners focus on generating more revenue every year, and that’s a great objective.  But not all income is created equally.  If you have more than one type of division/service and/or service/product, then it’s worthwhile taking a closer look at the […]

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Want Better Employees? They Should Be Able to Answer These 6 Questions

Bill Arman, NALP consultant member and partner in the Harvest Group, shares some tips about how to set your employees up for success.  Get more strategies during the People Academy Live 2-day in-depth employee development conferences in Orlando and Dallas in Jan. and Feb. of 2017.  Your employees need to clearly understand their role and what […]

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EPA Issues New Certified Applicator Rules

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released their new Certification of Pesticide Applicator rules to the public.The regulation sets the minimum standards for the application of restricted use pesticides in all 50 states. However, nothing prevents states from adopting regulations that are more restrictive than the Federal guidelines. As a result, there is significant variance in […]

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5 Ways to Mitigate Insurance Claims

There are many ways to get the most benefits from your insurance coverage and enhance the ability of your carrier to optimize outcomes after a loss. Below are five ways that can help you mitigate any claims you may have. l. NOTIFY YOUR AGENT AND/OR CARRIER IF YOU MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR BUSINESS Has your […]

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10 Questions to Ask Before You Terminate an Employee

NALP HR and legal advisor, Richard Lehr, Esq., of Lehr, Middlebrooks and Vreeland, shares his top suggestions of things you should think about before terminating an employee.  Lehr and his team are available to consult with NALP members as a member benefit.  1. Did the employee know the job was at risk? Sometimes a manager […]

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Join the NALP-PAC Collegiate Football Challenge

Louisiana State University is Currently in First Place in the NALP-PAC Challenge! This football season, we’re providing NALP members with an opportunity to not only advance the interests of landscape professionals but to support their school of choice with our Alumni Challenge, a head-to-head competition to see which schools’ alumni and fans can raise the most […]

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