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insurance claims

Strategic Risk Management: Exploring the Viability of Captive Insurance for Landscape Businesses

If your lawn or landscape company is operating safely and efficiently, it can be frustrating as your insurance rates continue to rise despite your lack of individual claims. One alternative to traditional insurance is to participate in a captive insurance program. In a traditional insurance model, businesses purchase policies from independent carriers, and then the […]

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Business Smarts: Working with Independent Damage Appraisal Firms

Natural disasters are inevitable and are one of the many reasons a homeowner may need to deal with an insurance company. In a situation where homeowners need landscaping services to remove downed trees, repair hardscapes or other restoration projects, dealing with insurance companies to resolve claims can be a twisted and frustrating process. “When a […]

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5 Ways to Mitigate Insurance Claims

There are many ways to get the most benefits from your insurance coverage and enhance the ability of your carrier to optimize outcomes after a loss. Below are five ways that can help you mitigate any claims you may have. l. NOTIFY YOUR AGENT AND/OR CARRIER IF YOU MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR BUSINESS Has your […]

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