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Join the NALP-PAC Collegiate Football Challenge


Louisiana State University is Currently in First Place in the NALP-PAC Challenge!

This football season, we’re providing NALP members with an opportunity to not only advance the interests of landscape professionals but to support their school of choice with our Alumni Challenge, a head-to-head competition to see which schools’ alumni and fans can raise the most for NALP-PAC, the National Association of Landscape Professional’s Political Action Committee.

As a businessperson, your livelihood is affected by what happens in Congress. By pooling the voluntary investments of many landscape professionals, NALP-PAC allows us to support candidates who share our concerns about issues facing the landscape and lawn care industry, and speak in a unified manor, which is vitally important in today’s political arena.

Nine schools are currently in the running. Check the scoreboard, support your school, or get yours in the game. READ MORE

Here is how it works: When you make your investment in NALP-PAC, just let us know what school to designate to receive your support points. You will earn 1 support point for every dollar that you invest in NALP-PAC!

Your investments in NALP-PAC always make a difference. And this year, they’re going to have even more of an impact. Here’s how: At the conclusion of the Alumni Challenge, NALP will make a $1000 scholarship donation to the school that garners the most support! In other words, every dollar you invest NALP-PAC not only advances the interests of landscape professionals today, but it also helps to ensure a viable profession in the future!

To learn more visit the NALP-PAC Alumni Challenge Page. Advance our profession, and help ensure its future. This fall an investment in NALP-PAC is truly a win-win situation!

NALP-Alumni Challenge Standings

  1. Louisiana State University 500 pts
  2. University of Tennessee 365 pts
  3. Ohio University 300 pts
  4. Rutgers University 250 pts
  5. University of Arkansas 100 pts
  6. 5 Colorado State University  100 pts
  7. Creighton University 100 pts
  8. University of Georgia 100 pts
  9. Hinds Community College 100 pts