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How To Simplify Project Collaboration

In this time of new media augmented reality, it is easy to go gaga over what technology can do for you.  Before you know it, you are so wrapped up in a loop of systems you forget the basics that got you here, namely, the venerable to-do list.

The to-do list has always been the gold standard for getting things done, regardless of your area of specialty, level of skill with technology, or hierarchy within your organization.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a simple tool that makes the to-do list better.  It makes it better by making it simpler, by sharing it, and by accomplishing all of that in real time.



Checkvist is the social media inspired application that I have come to love, especially at this time of the year when we are all making plans.

I’m using Checkvist to capture all kinds of thoughts and ideas that I can then tackle one-at-a-time.  The simplicity of the keystrokes is what makes it work so well.  Once you memorize a handful of simple keystrokes, you can build your list in a few seconds and manage it accordingly, by adding a short note, prioritizing, and even color-coding – all with the flick of the finger.

Here’s how it works:  A slap of the space bar strikes an item to show it as completed.   A simple ‘enter’ keystroke adds a new item to the list, two e’s edits the field, and two n’s opens a field for notes.  Simple.  Now tell me this won’t make it a snap to create a list in less than 60 seconds?  You can also create cascading lists within a larger list that can be assigned to different members of your team.

And this brings me to what really makes this FREE site sing.


I’m using Checkvist to collaborate with my consulting clients.  And they love it!  The feedback I’m receiving from clients is they enjoy seeing the list to get a sense of the agenda – what is necessary to get to the finish line.  They don’t have to wonder what’s next.  It’s right in front of them.  If they have comments to make, that is easily done.  And it can be done on their own time.

If I were still a design-build contractor, I would be using this tool to better manage my client relationships.  After de-briefing my design meetings, I would outline the next steps so that my clients were clear about everything,  especially the date and time of the next meeting.  I would also list the items they are responsible for, such as securing a current plat of survey.   And it would all be waiting for them before they got back home from our offices.

If you work in teams,  sharing the progress on projects online will save phone calls and emails, and also better integrate members that may be working from remote locations.

Real-Time Collaboration

Checkvist allows for a couple of ways to collaborate on a list.  First, you can remotely work together on list with a client or team member in real time.  As soon as something is added to the list, it is right there for everyone to see.  And if somebody decides to modify the list during the wee hours of the night, that information is readily shared.  Here’s how:

Checkvist will send you an email to let you know that your “watched” lists have been modified.  This particular feature is only available with the paid version, which costs a nominal $15 for six months.  If you still want to keep it free, no worries.  You can also accomplish this through a self-generated email to the other users – all straight from the Checkvist platform.

Checkvist does not yet have an iPhone or Android app, but for the time being, you can use

Are you ready to make a list?

Start with a simple project that requires the collaboration of multiple team members.

Now break it down, share it, and get it done!

Jeff Korhan is a new media marketer who works with green industry entrepreneurs to maximize Web visibility, reputation, and referrals.   He blogs on social media and Internet marketing at

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