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How to Attract Recently Laid-Off Employees from the Tech Industry

For the past several months, the number of headlines about layoffs, particularly in the Silicon Valley realm, has been surging. Multiple factors are behind these layoffs, including tech companies scaling back to pre-pandemic levels or changing their service model, but opportunity also lies in this news.

According to, 522 tech companies have laid off 153,208 employees in 2023 so far. As lawn and landscape companies continue to become more tech and data-driven, these job seekers can put their knowledge and experience to good use in the green industry.

“Depending on the company and skill set, you can find people who understand how to operate in a fast-paced environment with a mindset for understanding processes and ensuring that we are automating and increasing efficiency where possible,” says Erin Barr, with Erin Barr Consulting. “If someone has recently been with a tech startup, they will have experience working in an environment where processes are just being formed and created, so they’ve had to operate in a somewhat self-directed fashion. If your company is growing and evolving at a rapid pace, that sort of background seems like it could make someone a good fit.”    

Barr says former tech industry employees can be a good fit for roles such as project management, account management, contract administration, customer service, marketing, business development/sales, finance, accounting and HR.

“Like all candidates, you have to meet people where they are,” Barr says. “Posting jobs online is critical, but networking through LinkedIn and other social media shouldn’t be overlooked. TikTok is the most underutilized platform in the landscape industry when it comes to hiring, from my point of view.”

She says being prepared to talk to potential candidates about the industry and your organization is crucial for attracting this segment of talented individuals.  

“While the landscape and lawn care industry boasts some unique advantages, it is important to remember that there are many aspects that are similar across any service-based industry,” Barr says. “Highlighting the strides the industry is making towards becoming more tech-driven and innovative would interest many candidates. I think it’s a universal truth that job seekers are looking for opportunities at companies that have a good culture. Be ready to discuss that with potential candidates and explain what makes your organization a great place to work.”    

Some of the benefits the landscape industry can provide include stability, career growth and, depending on the role, the opportunity to be outside.

Barr notes if you do end up getting to hire someone from the tech industry, be ready to train.

“Even the most experienced candidates won’t know processes and expectations at your company,” Barr says. “If they are from outside the industry, it will be important to get them immersed in the terminology and trained on some industry basics.”  

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.