Author: Bill Hildebolt

Sound advice from an industry veteran

Many years ago, my boss gave me some important advice after my team had completed a difficult project. He said, “Bill, congratulations on finishing this project. Of course, you know why you and your team succeeded, don’t you? Discipline was the key, and it’s always the key to getting something done.” With so much experience […]

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Hard work and professionalism will carry the day

Last month, I presented my interpretation of what a true professional is, using an analogy of a four-legged stool. One of those legs happens to be hard work. Frankly, it’s hard work to start a business, to maintain a business, and to be a consummate professional, even in the best of times. In more challenging […]

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The broader meaning of sustainability

Sustainability is a word that has several different applications. In the landscape arena, it relates to designing a landscape that is in balance with nature and requires the minimal use of fertilizer, water, and other resources to maintain. Designing and maintaining sustainable landscapes is a fundamental element of the “greening of America” and a subject […]

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