Bill Arman, Author at The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Author: Bill Arman

 5 Key Ways to Improve Your Employee Retention      

Bill Arman, of the Harvest Group, an NALP consultant member, shared these tips in his webinar, Don’t Let Them Quit: How to Keep Your Keeper Employees. Here are 5 simple ways that landscape and lawn care companies can improve their employee retention. Get these into place and they will help with keeping your keeper team members.

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How do you spell Success? I spell it PLANET by Bill Arman Head Harvester; The Harvest Group

I recently watched the winner of the national spelling bee successfully spell out the final word of the competition and was announced the champion. As always, I am amazed how bright these young people are and how bad a speller I am. Then I started thinking about the upcoming Summer PLANET Leadership meeting being held […]

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