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FMC True Champions Program Helps Smaller Lawn Care Companies

What is the FMC True Champions program?

The FMC True Champions program is an end-user rewards program built upon three pillars: Rebates and Rewards, Business Building Solutions, and Industry Commitment. Lawn care operators can not earn valuable rebates on FMC products through various programs, they also have access to valuable resources to grow their business, as well as view FMC’s commitment to the lawn care industry through sponsorships of Legislative Day and its initiative with NALP.

How can lawn care operator participate in the Program Rewards?

Simply enroll at For the first time, you’ll notice rebate programs built for both large, $1M+ LCO, as well as those small to medium-sized companies that are looking to grow.  The traditional Early Order Program is designed for larger LCOs that prefer to purchase ahead to maximize rebates and savings. Also new to the EOP is an extended timeline to allow all types of LCOs to purchase, earn rebates, and lock them in all season by reaching RebateLock status.

The second program is FMC’s Dynamic Rewards program. This program is specifically designed with lower minimums to allow small and medium-size LCOs participate in a rebate program, save money on FMC products, and help build their business through the resources in the program.

What type of resources will be available in the Business Building Solutions?

The Business Building Solutions section will include content to help lawn care operators learn to transition from working ‘in’ their business to working ‘on’ their business. In connection with their joint initiative with NALP, FMC will offer an assortment of videos, case studies, and resources that focus on the soft skills of running a lawn care company. It will feature exclusive content from lawn care experts like Marty Grunder and The Grow Group as well as additional resources from NALP and FMC.

How will this content help an LCO grow?

This content will provide perspective from successful LCOs nationwide that have built successful lawn care companies from the ground up. From topics like recruiting and networking to building the right add-on service and growing your bottom line, you’ll learn from these experiences of how to do more with less.

How do they enroll and participate?

It is simple to enroll. Visit and click on ‘Enroll.’  There are no additional forms to complete and no scanning or uploading invoices. All invoices and purchases will be tracked. You’ll receive either a rebate check or distributor credit, which you can select upon enrollment.

What will new enrollees receive?

Upon enrolling, new FMC True Champions will receive a Welcome Kit, including an FMC Weed ID poster, membership number, additional resources as well as connection to their local FMC Market Specialist to help answer any specific product or technical questions.

How do True Champions get the most out of this program?

The FMC True Champions program is developed for you and shaped by you.  If you have any specific questions about utilizing the resources of the program, have ideas for content, or ways to make the program even better, send your comment to