2nd Annual PLANET Day of Service - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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2nd Annual PLANET Day of Service


I love long term planning and yet, we have not finalized our PLANET Day of Service (DOS) plans. I’m tempted to just blow it off, I mean we have work up the wazoo, and are busy marketing to close our sales gap for the second half of the year, but the rewards from last year were just too great. The greatest reward from last year’s DOS project which we did at a local not for profit community art center was team building. The administrators, and sales people rolled up their sleeves and got there with the crew. It rained most of the day and still we all had fun playing in the mud like a bunch of school kids together. There is tremendous value in breaking down the barriers between the administrative staff and the field crew and everyone feels good when they are giving back to their community. There were some other payoffs as well: about fifty percent of the clients we landed in that market last year all mentioned the work we did at the art center, we are able to use the art center for client appreciation events, and we continue to donate time and materials and thus keep a sign in the garden crediting us for the work. We videotaped the event, posted it on YouTube, linked it to our web site and increased Google traffic. The art center promotes us through their email, and we were recognized in the local paper for our efforts. That said, even though we are a month out, we will find some kind of project to do this earth day for the DOS, no matter what. There is immeasurable value in getting out as an industry and showing the country that we care about the environment and our communities.


We want you to join us this year! Sign up by registering at planetdayofservice.org to help join the movement and raising awareness of this great industry we work in.