Month: July 2010

A 9-year-old reflects on his Renewal & Remembrance experience

Tomorrow, most of my friends are going to the pool, a camp or the movies. My brother, Jack and I are going to a cemetery. Arlington Cemetery. You probably think my mom and dad are taking the day off to take us sightseeing. Not really. We are going there to work with 400 other people […]

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Flat Rate Friday – July 16th!

I want to personally invite you to GIC this year, PLANET’s Green Industry Conference, and to tell you about our lowest discounted price ever! This Friday, July 16th, for one day only, we are offering GIC registration for a flat rate of $200 per person. You pay $200 and you get full registration including access […]

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It's no secret

There’s an old saying that industry veterans understand so well: For any company to reach its full potential, an owner has to switch gears — to stop working in the business and start working on it. This saying also holds true for PLANET. Since the merger, PLANET staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly in the […]

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