A 9-year-old reflects on his Renewal & Remembrance experience

Tomorrow, most of my friends are going to the pool, a camp or the movies. My brother, Jack and I are going to a cemetery. Arlington Cemetery. You probably think my mom and dad are taking the day off to take us sightseeing. Not really. We are going there to work with 400 other people from all around this country. The 400 people are members of PLANET. They come every year in July to volunteer and make the cemetery more beautiful.
Jack and I would much rather be here than at the pool or any camp. Why? Here are some of the reasons:
• Even though we need to get up early, we get donuts for breakfast!
• Thanks to Include Software and Farmside Landscape & Design, we get cool shirts
• We get to see some of our friends each year at this event (this year there will be over 50 kids at the event!)
• We get to see cool outdoor power equipment working hard on landscaping
• We get to dig and plant flowers at the cemetery
• We get to see the Wreath Laying at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier
• We get Subway sandwiches for lunch
• We are doing good things for Arlington Cemetery and the Earth!
My mom works for PLANET and says that this is one of the most amazing events she has ever participated in. I understand what she means…I look forward to this event every year and it makes me happy to be part of it. I cannot wait until tomorrow…

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