What Your Landscape Customers Really Want to Know

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What Your Landscape Customers Really Want to Know

Do you ever wonder how successful you are at reaching new landscape customers? In this competitive industry, you know that converting prospects to leads is vital to your success. But are you still focusing most of your marketing efforts on talking about how great your company is? Then you probably aren’t making nearly as many conversions as you may wish.

The fact is, the world has changed, and today’s consumers have information at their fingertips. They can spend lots of time researching your company and learning all about you. But what they really want to know is, “How can you help me?”

Moving Your Brand to the Future

That’s exactly the message that corporate branding expert Bruce Turkel will be conveying in his 2020 Leaders Forum Keynote address. “Future Proofing Your Business and Your Brand” will come with a workshop that will dive into how you can finetune your marketing efforts. Turkel is founder of Turkel brands, a global brand consulstancy, that has worked with clients including Discovery Networks, Miami tourism and Hasboro. Today, he is also a sought-after speaker.

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Bruce Turkel

Turkel’s takeaway message is: “Your brand is not about you.” But that can be difficult for business owners to accept. After all, you might have spent decades investing in the latest equipment, the best training and the best people. And you want to share that with your prospective clients. But your clients will only want to know why and how any of that matters to them.

All of this has to do with the times changing. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners have been so caught up with running and growing their businesses that they haven’t adapted their marketing message to this paradigm shift. And that’s hurting them.

“In the days before the web, marketing was all about ‘look at me and look how great I am,’ and that makes sense,” says Turkel. “Clients couldn’t do research on companies like they can now, so marketing was all about proving you were the best. Today, your clients already know everything about you before they even speak to you. They’ve gone to your website or your Facebook page and they’ve read online reviews. So, they no longer need you to say, ‘Look at me.’ They need you to talk about them.”

From Big Picture to a Closer Look

In his keynote speech, Turkel will take a big-picture look at this problem and how companies need to bring their brands into the future. Then, in his workshop, Turkel will help landscape business owners identify how they can specifically shift their marketing approach to being more client centric. He uses an algorithm of CC2CC—going from company-centric to consumer-centric. Achieving this also means identifying who your potential customers are—and what needs they have.

“At the end of the day, the truth is, nobody is hiring you just for what your business does—unless you’re a celebrity,” Turkel says. “Because of that, all of your marketing efforts need to focus on how you can make the customer’s life better.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Want to hear Turkel speak? Attend Leaders’ Forum, Jan. 23-25 in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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