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Use Online Marketing to Recruit Like a Pro

Kelly Dowell

Looking to leverage online marketing to attract new employees to your lawn care or landscaping business?

Kelly Dowell, founder of Keldo Digital, will present on how to “Recruit Like a Pro” during LANDSCAPES 2020: The Virtual Experience.

During this session, she will cover how to get more qualified candidates to respond to your job posting, how to proactively reach candidates, and how to use digital tools for applicant tracking and pre-screening.

“If you’re using Indeed or Facebook for recruiting, you won’t want to miss these little-known tips that don’t take long to implement and will change your recruiting game,” Dowell says. “You’ll save time, save money, and build a bigger pipeline of qualified candidates. Best of all, you don’t need a degree in marketing to do these things.”

This session is suited for all management, admin, sales, service, and operations supervisors. You will learn how to write persuasive job posts and find out when and where to post them for the maximum return on investment.

“You need to talk about the applicant and not the job itself,” Dowell says. “Job postings shouldn’t be the HR job descriptions that your consultant helped you write. They should be positive, uplifting, descriptions of opportunity. Identify your ideal candidate’s pain points in their current position. Ensure your job title makes sense and is keyword rich. Attract and engage the candidate right off the bat with a question that relates to them. Don’t forget to list all of the perks and benefits of the position, no matter how small. Words matter – use career instead of job. Use team member instead of laborer.”

Dowell will cover tips for posting on Indeed, Craigslist and LinkedIn while avoiding common pitfalls.

“We need to understand that recruiting shouldn’t be done when there is a position to fill,” Dowell says. “It’s ongoing, just like sales. You don’t wait until your biggest customer quits until you start networking – just like you wouldn’t wait for a construction foreman to quit before you find bench strength.”

She says to be the best in recruiting you need to invest in technology and have a process in place for your hiring team and for the applicants to follow. Dowell will also cover her favorite tech tools and email hacks that make your life easier as a green industry recruiter.

Want more information about online recruiting? Attend LANDSCAPES 2020!

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.