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The Benefits of Joining NALP Networks


Networking and connecting with industry peers can help you both professionally and personally so if you are looking for some new ways to get plugged in, check out some of NALP’s free network options.

Women in Landscape Network

Powered by Bayer, the Women in Landscape Network is led by a group of over 20 landscape professionals, women and men, who are passionate about female representation. This network has an actively growing Facebook group that has over 800 members.

The WILN hosts Virtual Networking Sessions where participants can listen and share about relevant topics such as balancing femininity and strength. Members celebrate big and little wins and turn to each other for advice and tips when dealing with challenging situations.

 “We might not all agree but that is what makes life interesting and varied,” says Joyanna Grinnell Diaz. “As long as we are able to respect one another in our conversations and advice, sprinkle a lot of understanding and listening into the mix, I believe this network will completely change the face of our industry.”

Other members of WILN say they joined the group because they wanted to find support and encourage other women in the industry.

“Being in a male dominate industry can be tough at times and knowing that I have a space to share my successes and failures is invaluable to me,” says Carita Koen, chief marketing officer for Green Magic Landscape. “The webinar sessions are packed with many great nuggets that are not only industry specific but what I most importantly love is that many webinars cover important topics that are not often talked about. Discussing topics such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Moms in Landscaping, Couples in Business and etc. allows us to reflect on our personal and professional development. I love this group and I look forward to learning so much more going forward!”

Jenny Girard, area manager at R.M. Landscape Inc., says she joined the group because the name spoke to her as a woman in the green industry. She didn’t know much about the group at the time.

I have been a part of this group for little under a year now and they have helped me grow as a professional, become closer to my coworkers, start new relationships, connect me with an amazing mentor and most of all find my femininity again,” Girard says. “I feel this is a safe place, a welcoming space for all to open tough conversations and real insight to hard situations. What I love most about this group they look for solutions, they bring people together to help solve some of the leading issues in the industry for women.”

Young Professionals Network

The Young Professionals Network, powered by STIHL, connects those who are under 40 in the industry to share ideas and experiences. You can join the Young Professionals Facebook group here. Brandon Walters, account manager for Valley Landscaping says he joined the network after graduating from Virginia Tech to help build connections outside of the company he works for.

“I enjoy hearing different perspectives from other companies in different markets,” Walters says. “One thing that I love about the industry is how open everyone is to help each other out. Joining NALP YP has been a great way for me to continue my professional growth and network within the industry.”  

The Young Professionals Network also has a weekly podcast, Growing In the Green Industry, where the hosts interview a number of industry professionals about various topics.

Latino Landscape Network

NALP’s newest network, the Latino Landscape Network powered by ECHO, connects Latino landscape professionals across the country. The group provides networking and mentoring opportunities to help empower Latino landscapers.

“I joined because I wanted to network with people that do the same work,” says Alexander Portillo, with A&E Portillo Landscaping. “Being Latino it is important to have a forum where we can share ideas and see what people are doing in the industry.”

Others say they joined this group because they want to continue to learn about the industry.

“I joined Latino Landscape Network because it’s very important to hear about other companies systems, it helps to improve ourselves and others in the industry also it’s very important to educate ourselves to help others, I wish all of you success in the industry!” says Fernando Tinajero with Tinajero Lawncare and Maintenance, Inc.

Click here to join the Latino Landscape Network Facebook group.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.