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Take Advantage of NALP’s Exclusive Insurance Programs

In March 2019, the National Association of Landscape Professionals partnered with Axis Insurance and Rancho Mesa to offer NALP members a competitive risk management option.

“Buying your insurance as part of a large group/program can give you more pricing leverage and may provide more stability long term as insurance rates can be subject to large fluctuations,” says Drew Garcia, VP of Rancho Mesa.

The package insurance program provides coverage on general liability, auto, property, inland marine and excess. The program is built to accommodate all size companies with varying levels of risk tolerance.

“Lawn and landscape companies will benefit from the program,” Garcia says. “I continue to see lawn and landscape companies underestimate their insurance needs. With these insurance programs, you have two of the largest insurance companies providing industry specific coverage and superior service because they believe you deserve it and need it.”

NALP members receive association and accreditation discounts where allowable.

“The carriers have AM Best Ratings  A+ (Superior) XV and A++ (Superior) XV which is very important because many contract requirements will specify your carrier needs a certain rating in order for your company to get the job or continue on the job,” Garcia says. “Both AXIS (A+XV) and BHHC (A++XV) will meet those requirements.”

The coverage is specialized for lawn and landscape businesses with the general liability policy enhancing coverage for if a company damages their customers’ trees, shrubs, plants or lawns in error.

“The majority of General Liability policies will not provide coverage for this type of mistake and if they do, the limit is very nominal,” Garcia says.

Other highlights of the liability insurance include:

  • Pesticide & herbicide coverage
  • Coverage for product you install into job sites that are damaged or stolen
  • Landscapers property coverage extension
  • No residential construction exclusion or limitation

With the workers’ compensation program, one of the unique features is telephonic injury triage at zero cost to the policyholder.

“With telephonic injury triage your employee receives immediate attention, the conversation is documented and recorded, the triage nurse will either refer the injured employee to a local clinic or advise self-care,” Garcia says. “Once the call concludes the information goes directly to your Berkshire Hathaway claims professionals eliminating the need for you to fill out a First Report of Injury.”

Guaranteed cost and loss sensitive deductible options are available in certain states as well.

“As your company grows and you prove the ability to mitigate and control work injuries, you should consider a loss sensitive work comp program which allows you to take on a deductible in exchange for premium savings upfront,” Garcia says. “What is unique about Berkshire Hathaway is their ability to offer Guaranteed cost and in most states small, intermediate and large deductibles.”  

“With pressure on the insurance market pricing, coverage and capacity are all being impacted,” Garcia says. “Now is a great time to explore both options.”

Click here to learn more about these insurance programs.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.