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SiteRecon Allows Mainscape to Save Time and Earn More on Each Bid

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Mainscape, based in Fishers, Indiana, started using SiteRecon in July 2020 and since then they have saved 1,200 hours in sales times. Their closing rate has doubled to 20 percent as well and some of their bids have been optimized by more than $150,000 per contract.

SiteRecon is an online platform that automatically measures properties for companies. There is no drawing or editing tool. Users simply click ‘Get Measurements’ and SiteRecon’s A.I. generates property measurements that are accurate within 7 cms of their actual position on the ground. It’s 100 percent automated.

“Getting this measurement process very focused empowered us to allow the rest of our team members to continue to focus on the key points of their job without adding a piece that they have to figure out how to fit into their normal workflow,” says Nate Hyde, VP of sales for Mainscape.

Previously the company had to measure properties with online software and an individual had to set aside time to measure. It could be a week or two before estimates were complete.

Hyde says SiteRecon’s technology has separated them from their competitors and they can jump right into the numbers with their clients.

“When we can sit down and start talking about changing the scope and augmenting our recommendations to work within a certain price point, now we’re having good business conversations and we’re getting to a resolution together,” Hyde says. “That’s really when we make that connection with the customers.”

Hyde notes that the accuracy of SiteRecon’s measurements has resulted in bid prices being optimized by $150,000 on some bids. Mainscape has been implementing the technology the most on the privatized military side, estimating on complex sites with different footprints and housing sections.

“Without good, actual accurate measurements, we’re not putting our best foot forward,” Hyde says.

He says in the past Mainscape has lost money on jobs by not putting forth their most accurate bid and has not been awarded jobs because they didn’t have good measurements.

Another benefit Mainscape has experienced using SiteRecon is reclaimed time now that employees are not having to measure properties themselves. Hyde says they’ve regained four extra days.

“They’re able to make contact with more customers, they’re able to get into more opportunities, they’re able to have good strong conversations about what our customers’ pain points are, and really focus on that because they’re not distracted by the mapping process,” Hyde says.

Thanks to having more time to nurture leads, Mainscape’s team has been able to raise their close rate from 10 percent to 20 percent and potentially increase the revenue earned per business developer by $100,000 in 2021.

“I really believe that our guys have a greater capacity now to talk with more people, stay engaged with more leads and opportunities, and just work a better process not having to focus or spend time on there,” Hyde says.

Mainscape plans to continue to use SiteRecon to increase their density in existing markets.

“I’d encourage anybody to consider it truly assess the return on investment associated with generating more time for your salespeople to be salespeople, and less time spent on measuring which, you know, which you and your team have figured out really well,” Hyde says.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.