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Level Up: Shifting to Recurring Revenue Boosts Yard Solutions’ Growth

Our Level Up series shares the strategies that help landscape and lawn care companies get to the next level.

Eric Remeis, president of Yard Solutions based in Groveport, Ohio, grew up landscaping with his friends in the summer. This is what drew him to the agricultural branch of Ohio State, but it was when he registered for a small business course that planted the seed for his company.

“On the first day, my professor addressed the class and informed us that if we did not intend to start our own business, we needed to drop his class,” Remeis says. “Nobody was brave enough to walk out that day, but the class definitely got smaller. I decided to stick it out. We had to get our vendor’s license, file for the name of our business, and then do a 30-page report that would plan the first three years of my business. The goal at the end was to be able to take that report to the bank and get my first loan. It worked. I got a $5,000 loan and bought my first truck and some hand tools to do design/build work for family and friends.”

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Now the company caters to industrial, municipal and commercial clients with maintenance and snow and ice management services. On the design/build side, their client base is 60 percent residential and 40 percent commercial.

Remeis doesn’t want to put a cap on their ideal company size, but he believes $25 million is attainable and manageable for their company while maintaining their culture.

“Any bigger, it would be tough to maintain the personal touch we have with our team members,” he says.

Keys to Success

From 2018 to 2020, Yard Solutions experienced significant growth. Remeis says this was planned so they could grow to scale. This year they tapered off their growth due to the employee market and to catch their breath.

He credits his company’s growth to switching to predominately maintenance and snow work, investing in his people and equipment before they have the work and investing in people that are better than him at what they do.

Photo: Yard Solutions

Yard Solutions began to shift their focus to maintenance and snow services in 2016. When they made this change, they averaged 32 percent growth for three years.

“We switched over because we needed to increase recurring revenue and cash flow, which we were lacking in design/build,” Remeis says.

He says they have become more selective in what they offer over the years.

“We always identify the things we need to be the best at and the things we need to be great at,” Remeis says. “There is a difference between the two and it may change from year to year.”

As for investing in their people, the company has 50+ employees during peak season and 25 on staff during the winter. Each employee plans and documents their vision for growth in their career. Their Yard School training is aligned with that vision in mind.

“They know we care,” Remeis says. “We invest heavily in their growth and teach them how to be great leaders.”

Yard Solutions also holds a series of meetings that ensures their staff is communicated with. Remeis says they hold them accountable to a high standard that will help them grow personally and professionally.

Photo: Yard Solutions

By being involved with NALP, Remeis says they have connected with several key industry people who have been helpful with their direction.  

“Our COO, Joe Lewis is highly involved serving on different boards/committees,” Remeis says. “These relationships give you an edge when planning for success.”    

Remeis says the NAVIGATE program, in particular, was helpful, as they worked with Trailblazer Mike Rorie.

“Mike has been a great mentor over the last several years,” he says. “I appreciate that program and suggest for all of your membership to take advantage of their experience and knowledge.”

Photo: Yard Solutions

Yard Solutions focuses on building relationships with each of their clients.

“I think the most popular thing about Yard Solutions is the seamless customer experience,” Remeis says. “It applies to all of the services we provide and enables us to grow our portfolios as we develop strong client relationships.”

He says the key to their superior customer service is communication and coming through for their clients every time.

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Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.