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Level Green Landscaping Streamlines Their Bid Process with SiteRecon

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Level Green Landscaping, based in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, adopted SiteRecon in September 2020 and since then automated more than 500 hours of hand-drawing property measurements.

Level Green is a commercial landscaping company that handles maintenance with enhancements and snow removal. The properties the company works on vary from small parcels all the way to hundred-acre sites in Maryland and Virginia.

Michael Mayberry, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Level Green, says he had been looking for a solution for site measurement but hadn’t found one that would meet their needs exactly.

“What we were doing at that time, which was manually using a platform to go in and have someone click around a property and measure these turf areas and these bed areas,” Mayberry says. “That was taking us a lot of time and therefore a lot of resources because somebody actually had to do that. And then there were still other steps involved with that. So, it takes a decent amount of time and while somebody is doing that, they obviously can’t focus on anything else.”

Previously, a business developer would get a lead from a potential client and then a manager trainee would have to visit the site to understand where the property boundaries were. Then the manager trainee would go into a web application and trace the individual polygons for each turf boundary, bed boundary and more to gather the measurements needed for a bid.

During the peak season, this process would result in one manager trainee having 20 to 30 properties they needed to measure and each one could take two to four hours to measure.

“Nothing else can be done in terms of creating this proposal until the property measuring is done,” Mayberry says. “So it was taking us a very long time to do that and causing some friction within the company as we tried to move through the process.”

Mayberry says switching to SiteRecon allowed them to measure properties faster than doing it in-house and it freed up a team member to focus on something else. Level Green can now do three bids in the same amount of time it took to complete one bid before. With property measurements available in a few hours now, Mayberry says they are able to spend more time focused on the client and their needs.

“We want to spend our time finding out what the pain points are from our clients,” Mayberry says.

“We can do that better now because we can focus on the client rather than focus on trying to get these numbers for the property.”

Mayberry says SiteRecon has been very beneficial for the manager trainees as they are able to focus on training rather than clicking around a screen.

“So not only has SiteRecon lessened the amount of time that we have to spend on getting these measurements, but they’ve also put the data in a place that makes it accessible and visible to everyone in our company, which is important,” Mayberry says. “We need transparency in our company so that we can continue with our open communication and SiteRecon delivers that to us.”

When they first adopted SiteRecon, Mayberry says they conducted checks and followed up on the measurements to make sure they were accurate to build confidence in the system. He says they’re moving forward with SiteRecon as their only model in 2021 after beta testing it last year. Mayberry encourages other companies to test it out and compare the numbers between measuring manually and using SiteRecon.

“So if you are spending even a few hours a week during your sales season working on manually producing these bids, I would say really, really put some thought into giving that up and what else could that person be doing?” Mayberry says. “Are you doing it the way that you’re doing it just because that’s what’s comfortable and that’s how you’ve always done it? Or is it really the best way to produce what you are looking for?”

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.