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What the Industry Growth Initiative is Doing

Don’t you wish there was a movement that could raise the visibility of the industry and put professional landscape and lawn care services in higher demand? Wouldn’t it be nice if you suddenly got more resumes for your open positions and you had to turn good candidates away?

That is what our Industry Growth Initiative is working to do and here is a little of what we have been up to this spring…

Promoting professional landscape and lawn care services

  • Promoted National Lawn Care Month by distributing an article to that has been place in 1,112 media outlets with 146 million audience views with an ad value of $364K. This annual observance was also picked up for coverage in numerous other outlets across the country.
  • Worked with the media, from the Associated Press to People Magazine to major market newspapers link the Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Baltimore Magazine and to publish stories about lawn and landscape improvements.

Growing the Workforce

  • Launched the LandscapeIndustryCareers.org website and job board which has dynamic videos, quizzes and content to help people find their future career in the industry. We recently partnered with SIMA to promote our new career site and job board.
  • We are developing model high school curriculum. Using curriculum recently enacted in the state of Washington, we are working on curriculum creation, review, and revision processes and identifying states to target first with model programs.
  • Partnering with the FFA. We are expanding our partnership with the FFA to reach the audience of young students who already have an interest in plants and agriculture.
  • Accrediting colleges. We recently reaccredited Penn College and we are working to reaccredit a number of colleges and universities, helping to ensure the best education programs for building industry careers.

The IGI is supported by industry CEOs and industry suppliers who understand that we need to make a financial commitment to help sustain and grow the industry.  You are inviting to invest and join the elite group of visionary leaders who are part of the Industry Growth Initiative. Contact missy@landscapeprofessionals.org for more information.