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How to Make the Most Out of Virtual Events

LANDSCAPES 2020: The Virtual Experience is approaching fast. While this event will be different from the in-person version of LANDSCAPES, you can still learn valuable insights for your company. The key is to go into it with the right mindset.

Make It a Priority

You wouldn’t register to attend an in-person event and then never board the plane to get there in time. Treat your virtual event as a priority as well. Block off time on your schedule to attend the sessions that interest you. Select a space that is quiet and private, so you are not having to deal with extra distractions. When you are getting ready to participate in a session, turn off email notifications and don’t look at your phone so you’re focused on what the presenter has to say.

Attend with a Group

If more than one of you from your company can attend the virtual event, plan to attend some of the same sessions or divide and conquer the different sessions available. Afterward, you can discuss what you learned from the various presenters. Having others involved in your experience can help boost your motivation, increase your attention and provide accountability for learning. Sharing key takeaways at the end of the day can help you retain what you learned and help you put it into practice afterward.

Be an Active Participant during Sessions

While LANDSCAPES offers an all-access pass for a full year to view sessions on-demand, make a point to engage in the sessions when they are live as this is when you can raise your hand, chat with other attendees and participate in Q&As. Take notes and review them the end of the day to reflect on what you’ve learned. Reach out to the presenter after a session if you want to connect and discuss their topic further. 

Take Advantage of Facilitated Networking Opportunities

Just because an event is virtual, doesn’t mean there are no opportunities to connect with others. Networking with peers in the industry can help you discover new opportunities, know who to turn to for advice when facing certain business challenges and put you in touch with like-minded individuals you want to stay in contact with.

Take advantage of the virtual breakout sessions in the afternoons during LANDSCAPES and try to talk to at least three new people online. You can also sign up for Zoom with Champions, which is a variety of roundtable discussions about various industry topics. Attendees can have small group discussions with a Champion and ten participants.

Register for LANDSCAPES 2020: The Virtual Experience here.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.