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Hit Us with Your Best Shot – Landscape Professionals at Work Photo Contest

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Help inspire others to be a part of the landscape profession by sharing photos of your team members at work. Selected photos will be used to show students and job-seekers about the outstanding professional opportunities that await them in our field. So hit us with your best shot – and help us demonstrate the passion, professionalism, and beauty that is pervasive in this industry. The photo contest is open through April 30th.  Two winners will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

What we are looking for in the photos:

  • Photos focused on an individual rather than a group
  • People at all stages of their career from entry level to executives
  • Individuals performing their daily work duties, outside or at a desk
  • Proper use of PPE

3 tips for taking the perfect photo:

  1. Find the light. If shooting outdoors try to take pictures in the two to three hours before sunset or two to three hours after sunrise, during what is referred to as “golden hour.” Try not to take the picture with the sun behind you. Pay attention to where the light is coming from and use it to your advantage.
  2. Change your perspective. Squat or get down on your knees or lay on the ground to get a different perspective. Getting low can yield great results, especially when photographing people.
  3. Try to avoid blur. To do this hold your camera or phone steady or use a small tripod. Make sure the subject and or the image has the appropriate amount of light to avoid blur.

Note: Submitter guarantees he/she has the irrevocable right to submit the photo(s). All photos submitted become the property of NALP and may be used by NALP for marketing purposes.

Please send your photos to Kate Mooney at kate@landscapeprofessionals.org