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Greenscape Increases Sales Speed with SiteRecon

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Daniel Currin, CEO of Greenscape based in Raleigh, North Carolina, first became interested in SiteRecon when he realized the software offered to fully automate the measuring process of job sites. Since adding SiteRecon, Greenscape has freed up 300 hours of sales time in two months.

Previously, Currin had to create a full-time internal estimating position so he could free up his sales team to do high-value activities of prospecting and networking and closing sales.

“But we really weren’t saving time, we just kind of moved the time around to different positions, which still had costs associated with it,” Currin says.

During COVID-19 things slowed down for Greenscape and they downsized. When business began to pick back up, Currin wanted to find a way to not add back the cost of the full-time estimator position. That’s when he found SiteRecon.

“The speed of sales has increased greatly, we’re able to do more sales, measure faster,” Currin says. “If we’ve got 10 projects that we need to get cost on, we can put all 10 in the tool and get all 10 measurements back very quickly. And that’s really cool too, because in the past, that was where that one position (estimator) was the bottleneck. And we’d have that backlog of multiple days or even a week or two to get something measured.”

Currin says this faster turnaround has allowed his sales team to keep the customer engaged and has increased their closing rates. Greenscape is altering their sales process as well. Before the customer would reach out, they would meet on-site, figure out the scope of the project, measure and estimate and then propose a price.

Now with SiteRecon, the sales team gets measurements at the click of a button, right after the customer reaches out and then meets with the potential client.

“So, we’re coming in meeting with the customer, knowing at least a range that we think that project would cost,” Currin says. “And so we’re having a much more intelligent conversation with that customer from day one, the first time we meet them, versus what happens a lot in the industry, there’s this pre-bid meeting.”

By moving their sales steps around, Currin says they can ask good questions and connect with the customer on their budgets early on.

He says his sales team is now able to fill the sales funnel faster and leverage the cost of their salespeople and expand what they’re able to sell dollar volume-wise on an annual basis.

Currin notes that with SiteRecon he doesn’t have to worry about corners being cut either when it comes to the accuracy of the measurements. By avoiding bad estimates, Greenscape isn’t going over budget on jobs.

“Now we’re going into every project, not that our margins are going up or anything, but we’re going in knowing where our costs are, that we can execute those, we’ve got really good confidence in the measurements that we’re using from the tool,” Currin says.

Currin says having accurate measurements is also beneficial when working with subcontractors.

“When we measure well and give him good measurements and he can go out and also make money like we’re trying to make money and it is a so much better partnership versus every time he gets a job from us, it’s underbid, or under measured and he gets screwed.”

Currin says he plans to use SiteRecon’s tool to find operational efficiencies with old properties so they can renew their contracts with accuracy. He encourages others to take a look at SiteRecon and see if it fits your sales process and what you need as a business to grow in scale.

“That’s the one thing I really love about it, it’s a very scalable solution,” Currin says. “It’s not just a tool, but it really is a scalable solution.”

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.