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Gearing up for PLANET's Student Career Days


Colorado State University's Opening cheer
Colorado State University's Opening cheer

I have been looking forward to PLANET’s Student Career Days (SCD) 2010 pretty much since the school year started.  We found out who made the team sometime around Thanksgiving, and that’s when all the studying, team meetings, fundraising, and shirt designs started for our team.  Many students have dedicated hours upon hours to studying for their events.  I took several trips to local garden centers and botanical gardens as part of my studying.  I have attended two other SCD, so I know how much studying must be done, how much stress I will go through, but I look forward to SCD every year, because I know how rewarding this experience is.  This is such a great event that has expanded my knowledge within the landscape as well as opened many doors for me.  I can’t wait for this year’s SCD and to see everyone in Georgia!


-Mallory Elkins, Landscape Industry Certified Manager

Colorado State University