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Day of Service

The PLANET Day of Service (April 22nd 2009) is rapidly approaching, and those of us who have been involved from the get go are really excited. Though many folks do service in their communities, the Day of Service is unique in that landscape professionals across the country will for the most part do service on the same day in a unified statement of our commitment to our communities and the environment.
At Greener by Design, we selected a community art center that we have been working with for some time. It’s funny because when we started hearing about folks doing veterans memorials and public park clean ups, we thought we had chosen badly with an art center. In fact, we have been able to forge a partnership with the art center where we are jointly having an educational event along with a community planting of the art center gardens. We are sending out each other’s literature to our separate client lists and getting a good deal of pre-event recognition from the community. Moral of the story is, while some events will catch the medias eye better than others, it really does not matter what you pick, as long as your heart is in it.
The landscape industry is made up of some of the most caring and committed people I have ever met. As long as we are manifesting our commitment to our communities, our industry, and the planet, the PLANET day of Service cannot fail, not in your back yard or across the country.