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Creative Ways to Stay in Contact with Customers During COVID-19

Humans are social creatures and many landscapers will tell you one of their favorite things about the business is the relationships. So, in a time of social distancing how can you still connect with your customers and maintain bonds?

Although most lockdowns have been lifted, meeting in person may not be an option for various reasons. Don’t be afraid to get creative with ways to get face time with clients and stay top of mind with them.

Hold Video Conferences

One of the staples of the pandemic is video conferencing and it isn’t something that has to be just limited to communicating with your staff. There are a number of video call options including Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams and Skype. Whichever platform you choose to utilize, make sure you’re aware of the limitations they might have.

Take the time to test your speakers and mic so you can both hear and be heard by your client, before the meeting. If you’re planning to video chat with a new lead, send the potential customer all the instructions they need to access the video smoothly, prior to the meeting.

When talking with existing clients don’t be afraid to ask how they’re doing personally. Letting them know you care about their well-being can go a long way and open lines of communication.

Record Walk-Throughs

On the commercial side of things, there are a number of companies that are still working remotely. This means property managers are not able to keep an eye on their sites and see if there are any unexpected needs cropping up. This is where your crews can step in and be that extra pair of eyes when they visit various commercial properties.

You can opt to simply notify them of the issues you might find and let them decide if they’d like you to take care of it. If the problem is minor, you can also choose to be proactive and go ahead and fix the issue. Letting them know you’ve already handled it will reassure them and alleviate some of their stress.

Offer Helpful Webinars

Many clients are staying home for large chunks of time and many are noticing their yards a lot more. Provide helpful content by creating webinars or videos that show them the basics of creating a container garden or how to identify what is ailing their hydrangea.

You can also opt for a more casual option and host a Facebook Live or Instagram Live video. With these, you can do a Q&A, showcase a service you provide or how you’ve been helping out in the community.

Post Positive Content to Social Media

One thing you want to avoid is going dark on social media. Use these channels as another way to keep people up to date on any changes going on with your business. This could include the garden center reopening for visitors or if you’re having to temporarily close due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19.

Also, social media sites are an excellent tool to share inspiring and uplifting stories. This could be sharing how your company is giving back to the community, celebrating employees for reaching milestones or even posting pictures of flowers or wildlife crews encounter while working. Remind customers to get outside and enjoy the benefits of nature.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.