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Business Smarts: How to Take Advantage of NALP’s Job Board

Did you know that NALP has a job board you can take advantage of on

NALP runs national ads that drive job seekers across the country to this job board and last year, we had 190,000 page views and thousands of candidates filled out applications. Posting your job opening on this board is free to both members and non-members. We encourage you to take advantage of this resource as you grow your team.

Why Job Boards Matter

You might think job boards are outdated thanks to social media, but they are simply another recruiting tool you can utilize along with social media. According to studies, job boards are still responsible for 18 percent of all successful hires while social media contributes three percent.

Job boards allow you to reach a diverse range of individuals and using a niche job board like NALP’s allows you to narrow down the number of candidates who aren’t really interested in lawn care and landscaping. While hiring a recruiter, or posting on other sites can get expensive, you can post your job openings on NALP’s board at no cost.

NALP does offer some paid upgrades for job postings as well. The Featured option ($10) moves a job to the top of the list. The board will show all featured jobs (in chronological order) prior to showing any other jobs (urgent or not). Once all featured jobs are listed, all other jobs will be listed in chronological order. The best way to get your job to the top of the list is to use the featured option. 

The Urgent option ($5) displays a red banner across the corner of the ad posting. The Urgent banner does not change the order of the job listing; that is controlled only by featured jobs or chronological order.

It’s also a good idea to always have a job listed, even if it’s more of a brief intro to your company and a link to your website. While you obviously want to hire when you have an open position, most companies will find a spot for a great candidate and having a general posting up will ensure job seekers are always seeing your company.

We have a lot of inquires for entry-level positions so be sure to include posting these positions as well on our job board.

Creating Effective Job Postings  

If you haven’t used job boards before or haven’t had much luck with them in the past, here are some tips to make your job posting more effective.

When a potential applicant clicks on your job posting if you don’t have the right information presented in an interesting way, they won’t feel compelled to apply. Be upfront with the salary and benefit information as this helps the applicant know right away if the job matches their compensation requirements.

Summarize the role, highlighting the most significant tasks and speak directly to the job seeker. Communicate how the position plays a key role in helping your company such as “You will serve as the first impression for our customers.”

While you want to outline the responsibilities of a certain job position clearly and concisely, a job posting is supposed to sell an applicant on your company, your team and why working for you is great. Publishing a detailed laundry list of all the responsibilities and duties for a job should be used internally. An effective job posting has enough information to be attractive and thorough, but not tedious to read.

Share your company’s values and culture as well as a cultural fit is important so let candidates know what it is like to work for your company.

Once an applicant is excited about the position, use bullet points for them to scan to ensure they are qualified for the position. Start with the required skills that are absolutely needed in order to perform the job. You can list some of the preferred skills of an ideal candidate as well.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the content manager for NALP.

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