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Business Smarts: Engaging with Customers During Winter Months

While landscaping is a seasonal business in most parts of the country, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be engaging with your customers during the slower months.

Although you probably have a set of loyal customers who you can always count on for their business, some of your newer customers may not remember to hire you back in the spring, or they may be enticed by more promising offers from your competitors.

Below are a handful of ways you can engage with your customer base during the off-season.

Stay Active on Social Media

Your customers are always looking at social media platforms, no matter the season, so take the time to stay in their newsfeed. This could be anything from sharing a positive customer review to something interesting that your company is up to, such as trying out robotic mowers at your headquarters.

Running polls are another way to gain feedback and learn what services customers might like to see you add. A giveaway for a discounted or free service can increase your leads for the spring if you have people fill out a form that has requests applicant contact information.

Share Great Content

Now is the time you can focus on writing content that can get your clients thinking about your services over the winter.

Providing articles with tips and design ideas for their spring landscape will help keep your company top-of-mind. Build customer trust by sharing content that makes you an authority on various relevant topics. When consumers know that you are knowledgeable and share information freely without expecting a sale, they’re more likely to turn to you as an expert.  

You can also promote the charitable causes with which you’re involved and let customers know some of the fun things you do for your employees.

Email Regularly

Obviously, you never want to email your customers to the point that they consider you are spamming them, and they unsubscribe. But you shouldn’t be radio silent either.

People may not be thinking about lawn care services right this minute in the middle of winter, but you can remind them of the great work you did last summer and request an online review from them. You should be asking for customer reviews year-round, but sometimes things are slower in the winter for customers as well and they can have more time to leave a review if you remind them.

You can also use email to send a coupon or discount for the upcoming spring services they’re likely to need you for. One type of discount you could consider is an early payment special where if you have a customer go ahead and sign up for your services by a certain date, they will receive a discount.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.