David Hupman, Author at The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Author: David Hupman

One Company's Secrets to Winning Landscape Contracts

The story is written by guest blogger David Hupman, Landscape Industry Certified. Winning jobs, maintaining clients, and running a top-notch operation involves teamwork and commitment from inside and outside of the company’s real and virtual environments. Recently, our company won three contracts totaling $1 million. This did not just happen by chance or some luck-inspired ritual. […]

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The World Cup Soccer, Sales, and Certification Connection

All eyes are on Brazil for the month of June as 32 top soccer teams compete for the right to be called the world’s best. As you can imagine, it was no easy path to the soccer spotlight. Before the teams even got to Brazil, they had to look at all of the players who […]

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Company Tip: Win With Certification

I heard some recent comments on certification that stopped me cold. In essence, credentialing has no sales value to the company. It’s a wonderful individual achievement and that’s it. And, unless PLANET gets consumers to demand certification it will never truly garner ROI (return on investment). I’ve heard these statements before and, unfortunately, we often […]

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Certification: An Olympic-style achievement

Are you ready to compete for your credential? PLANET’s Student Career Days—The National Collegiate Landscape Competition event held in Auburn, Ala., March 7 – 10, 2013, is described as a “Landscape Olympics.” Last year, I wrote a blog “Go for the Certification Gold,” using the summer Olympics in London as my theme. “In this Olympic […]

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Go for Certification Gold

I recently visited our certification partners to the north. Last summer as an auditor for the Landscape Industry Certified Technician-Exterior exam test site in Milton, Ontario, administered by Landscape Ontario and this February as a liaison for the International Certification Council (ICC) attending the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association’s (CNLA) Certification Committee meeting in Halifax, Nova […]

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