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Adopt Sustainable Landscape Practices and Grow Your Business

Bob Grover

The decision to adopt more sustainable landscaping practices can be a powerful catalyst for business growth. As the environmental movement continues, consider embracing practices with a reduced environmental impact and become a sustainability leader in your community.

Bob Grover, LIC, president of Pacific Landscape Management will present on this topic at LANDSCAPES 2020: The Virtual Experience. “Grow Your Business with Sustainable Services” is an hour and 15-minute presentation on the easiest and best modifications to your maintenance practices that achieve the greatest sustainable objectives.

Misconceptions About Sustainability

Grover says typically contractors are intimidated by environmental concerns and sustainability but it really comes down to taking practical steps and helping save your clients money.

“You don’t have to be an organic company to be sustainable,” Grover says. “It’s like driving a Prius or like living in a LEED Silver house. You are more environmentally sensitive using less resources, but you don’t have to be organic to do this.”

Grover believes sustainability is important and it will eventually be in demand in every part of the country.

“I think it’s important to learn how to provide a service that people are going to start to ask you about, or how to differentiate from your competition because you’re doing these things that are environmentally conscious and aren’t going to cost you any more money and potentially make more money,” he says.

Sustainable Practices

One of the sustainable practices that Pacific Landscape Management has implemented is smart irrigation. Applying water more appropriately and based on the weather as opposed to just turning the clocks on the spring and turning them off in the fall can result in cost savings.

“Water costs have risen faster than any other utility,” Grover says. “So, when we talk to our customers, we share we can help you save your utility bills. We’re helping save them money without taking revenue out of our pockets so that’s a good news item where you can save your customer money.”  

The company has also converted the majority of their larger equipment to propane. Grover says they’ve been taking advantage of the incentive programs that help convert mowers to propane.

It’s a Process

Grover says that being sustainable is about having different processes and it is not a destination.

“Every year, we do something a little bit different that reduces our chemical or fertilizer or water or petro use,” he says. “So, we get a little bit better every year and we’re always going to get better.”

Grover says it’s important to start somewhere. Robotic mowers are another practice that Pacific Landscape Management is looking into, but as of right now there isn’t one suited for the commercial market.

“I think we should all aspire to do something,” Grover says. “I’m proud to help people have less impact on the earth. I’m not going to be fanatical about it, but I think we all need to try and do our part.”

Want more information about adding sustainable services? Attend LANDSCAPES 2020!

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.