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7 Ways to Turbocharge Your Landscape Business Growth

landscape company growth

What does it take to achieve great accomplishments in the lawn and landscape industry? Here are 7 valuable insights industry consultant Jeffrey Scott suggests to help accelerate your landscape business growth.

Landscape Business Growth Truth #1: Nice Guys (and Gals) Finish First

Some of the most attractive and compelling leadership traits are those of optimistic, positive, open-minded and compassionate leaders. Which type are you when you show up at work, especially when things get tough?

Landscape Business Growth Truth #2: Aim High to Hit High

landscape company growth

If you want to hit a high net profit, say 20 percent, you have to price your work out with that profit in mind (or more, depending on how you budget.) You then have to build it into your budget and sales strategy so you can sell work that will help you hit your goals. Easy to say, harder to implement.

Landscape Business Growth Truth #3: It’s All About Your Leadership Team

All growth start and stops there. So take out your org chart and grade your team. Do you have an A team in the key positions? If you are honest with yourself, then you know what your actions as a leader must be.

Landscape Business Growth Truth #4: Treat Everyone Like an Owner

If you want your people to exhibit ownership thinking (and doing), don’t wait for them to start showing up with that attitude. It’s a chicken-and-egg concept, and the first move is yours.

Landscape Business Growth Truth #5Sales Problem or a Marketing Problem

If you are not hitting your sales goals, you have to get critically clear where your problem originates. Is it a marketing problem (lack of leads) or is it a sales problem (lack of converting the leads into sales)? The solutions for these two problems are vastly different.

Landscape Business Growth Truth #6: Strategy is Hard

The hardest part of strategic planning is setting the right strategy. Owners put so much focus on processes and vision, and not enough on thinking through and defining a strategy that truly springs your company forward.

Landscape Business Growth Truth #7: The Difficult Conversation

The difficult coversation should be called the critical conversation because it is critical you keep having these conversations. Don’t assume the other person knows how you feel. Don’t put off this conversation. Have it this week with the person who most needs to hear what you are thinking and feeling. If it’s “difficult,” you won’t want to have it, but if it is “critical” then you will be glad you did. 

Which of these seven truths speak to you?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The article was written by Jeffrey Scott, an industry consultant member who is speaking at LANDSCAPES. Scott speaks at 8:45 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday on “Creating a Five-Star Brand.” Also, today is the last day to save 20% off on select ticketed events at LANDSCAPES. Use promo code LABOR20 at checkout.

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