3 Important Customer Service Principles to Practice

Many companies, regardless of the industry they’re in, tout their customer service as a reason why consumers should choose them over others. Yet have you taken the time to evaluate your customer service to ensure you’re backing up your claims?

There’s the common saying that the customer is always right, but there’s far more to customer service than simply agreeing no matter what. Check out some of the core customer service principles you can make sure you’re implementing to help boost customer satisfaction.

Respond Promptly

If a customer is taking the time out of their day to contact you about a problem, this means it’s an issue you need to take seriously and respond to in a timely manner. Responsiveness has a high impact on customer satisfaction.

Being consistent with how quickly you get back to a customer every time also plays a part. If you respond in a day to one complaint but take a week before answering them on another concern can cause frustration at the inconsistency.

Tracking when you respond to a customer and when the issue is completely resolved can give you a strong indicator if this is an area your company needs to work on.  


When a customer is speaking, take note of their words, tone of voice and body language. Don’t assume you know what the problem is. Ask questions to make sure you understand exactly what the issue is. Also, don’t wait for there to be a problem to hear from your clients.

Make a point to check in regularly and request feedback from them in multiple ways whether it be account managers calling periodically or sending out a survey after a job has been completed

“We do a survey after every project we complete so they can rate our performance,” says Mark Maslow, owner of Southern Landscape Group. “Then we look at those surveys and see what areas aren’t scoring where we should be and find out why. Have we not trained the team correctly or are we not communicating with the client properly or solidifying that relationship? Surveys help us continue to improve our processes and maintain client relationships.”

Go Above and Beyond

Customers expect good customer service so when you exceed their expectations, this is more likely to earn their loyalty and strengthen your relationship. Anticipating a client’s needs, saving them money on project and fixing problems without being asked are all things to consider. Impressing clients puts you in a position where they are far more likely to continue to work with you.

Whether you have a dedicated customer service/satisfaction department or not, your staff needs to understand they all play a part in customer service. Being professional, caring, taking the time to smile and speak to customers or neighbors of the property your crews are working on can leave a lasting impression.

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Jill Odom

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