December 21, 2021 - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Day: December 21, 2021

Government Relations 2021 Recap

As the year comes to an end, we would like to share with you some of the challenges we faced this past year, our wins, our losses, and our continuing battles. We know that because of the pandemic we have had to adjust to different advocating methods and the limitation of in-person events and meetings.  I […]

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Happy Holidays!: Season 2, Episode 31 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

In season 2, episode 31 of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, hosts Miles Kuperus III, system architect at Include Software, Neal Glatt, managing partner of GrowTheBench, Brett Lemcke, VP of R.M. Landscape and Luke Melograno, production coordinator at Mariani Landscape talk with one another. In this special episode of Growing in the Green […]

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Reflecting on the Year: Pros Share their Thoughts on 2021 and 2022

There’s not much time left in 2021, but there is still an opportunity to reflect on the year. This certainly wasn’t a dull year. 2021 marks the second year of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, which created a number of challenges with the labor market and the supply chain. There were also significant weather events […]

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Tree Care: What to Know About Palm Trees and Carbon Sequestration

A few months ago some stories were circulating about how Florida should ditch palm trees to fight the climate crisis. While it’s an attention-grabbing headline, there is far more nuance that needs to be added to the conversation. “There are lots of other things that trees do besides just sequester carbon,” says Jason Henning, a […]

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Team Building: Presenting to Students Virtually

While presenting to students in person is great, it may not always be financially or physically possible. “I think Zoom is the second-best way to do it versus in person and given the challenges we have with the cost of travel and the impact that you can make with online, I think online is a […]

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