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You can't leave it on the field if you don't have a successful business


As part of our #NALPKnows series, we talked to Joy Diaz, Landscape Industry Certified, executive vice president of Land Care, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada, about working together as a team, and leaving it on the field during LANDSCAPES 2015.

The truth is, you cannot leave it on the field if you don’t have a successful business. The LANDSCAPES conference has provided the perfect environment to help me grow and develop as a business owner.  Over the years, through discussions with my peers and exposure to new ideas and inventions, it has kept me thinking and moving forward, creating a path not only to help me grow professionally, but personally as well.

Certainly, the best part about going to this annual conference is meeting with other attendees many of who share my feelings about what it means to be a landscape professional.

Photo Diaz accepting an award at LANDSCAPES

For me, it means I have the privilege of touching others every day because green spaces impact everyone’s quality of life. It means to lead a life of integrity, loyalty, and humility as I strive to do what is right every day. It means to be the example for others as they see the love and passion that I have for the greatest industry in the world.

The National Association for Landscape Professionals brand represents an entire industry that not only leaves it on the field but actually provides the field for everyone to enjoy. What an honor to be part of the landscape industry.

 Photo of Joy Diaz at Newcomer's Rally at LANDSCAPES


Online registration for LANDSCAPES 2015 is now open. LANDSCAPES, held in conjunction with the GIE+EXPO and Hardscape North America trade shows which host nearly 750 indoor and outdoor exhibits, provides more than 40 educational sessions featuring the industry’s front-runners and most successful entrepreneurs, and other leading business experts.