Women In Landscape Network Takeover: Episode 6 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

In the sixth episode of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, members of the NALP Women in Landscape Network (WILN) took over the podcast. NALP’s Jenn Myers, senior director of workforce development, hosted the podcast and was joined by guests Lisa Fiore, co-founder of LandscapeHub, Callan Dudley, general manager of Southern Landscape Group, and Claire Goldman, owner of R&R Landscaping.

Fiore is a fourth-generation nursery professional who launched LandscapeHub in July 2017. She also currently serves on the board of directors for NALP and is an advisor on the newly created WILN.

Dudley comes from an accounting background. She joined Southern Landscape Group in 2014 and has worked her way up to general manager of the company.

Goldman and her husband partnered up with the owner of a small design/build company in Auburn, Alabama, and worked to grow the company together. Last year, they bought out their business partner and now own 100 percent of R&R Landscaping.

These female industry leaders chatted about several topics, including personal stories of growth and advancement, how we can continue to welcome women to the landscape industry (women are currently about 11 percent of all employees) and some new initiatives the WILN is focused on for 2020. 

Listen to the full podcast below.

Jill Odom

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