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What This Landscape Pro Did When Growth Increased His Number of Job Openings

As Oasis Turf & Tree has grown rapidly (on average 16 percent a year), so has their need for finding great talent to fill job openings.

In fact, on average, the company has had to add six to eight new employees each season. This is in addition to four new production routes. With each new season, there has also been an increased need for new management roles.

How Oasis Turf & Tree fills job openings
Adam Zellner, Oasis Turf & Tree

Adam Zellner, vice president of sales for the Loveland, Ohio-based company, says the challenge was putting the right people in the right positions as growth projected them swiftly forward. The
lawn care, tree care and pest control company realized they needed to find ways to fill those positions. And they needed qualified talent rather than scrambling to find a warm body when they needed it.

Fill Job Openings Idea #1: Provide Clear Career Paths  

“As positions developed in the company, we realized we needed a path for recruitment and development,” Zellner says.

“When a team member is onboarded, they are given a clear path to success in our company, showing them what steps they need to take to continue to climb the ladder,” Zellner explains. “This allows each employee the opportunity to show what they bring to the table and provides our company with a much more successful chance to promote from within.”

Zellner says that promoting from within has cut back on the need to find upper level new recruits. Oasis has found employees have really impressed them with their abilities when given the chance to rise to the task.

“By giving the opportunity of advancement to each member on our team, we’ve found that people step up in ways we never expected,” Zellner says. “It has helped us find key players to fill our more challenging positions.”

Being open with employees about these paths has been imperative to the company’s success. He shares the new development track with all employees, so they know what kind of future is possible.

“We lay out the career ladder for all employees so that as positions open up, they have had a chance to meet the requirements to be eligible to fill that position,” he says.

“It is a constant process of improving and developing these systems as we grow,” Zellner adds. “But it is a priceless resource when your team is hungry for knowledge and growth for themselves.”

Fill Job Openings Idea #2: Keep An “Always Hiring” Mind-set

Zellner hopes continuing to foster growth opportunities for employees within the company will help breed longevity out of existing staff.

On top of that, Oasis plans to continue to recruit and hire fresh talent whether it’s immediately needed or not. His best advice to others who are growing rapidly and have an increased need for employees: Do the same.

“We hire great candidates when they present themselves instead of just hiring when there is an opening,” Zellner says. “You never know who the next rising start in the company will be, but you always know when a good person who shares your values is standing in front of you.”

Zellner looks for certain things that stand out during a potential client interview. One big trait he looks for is their level of engagement.

“Someone who takes interest in the length of time other members have been part of the team, has an appreciation for the quality of our equipment and resources, or who appreciates the family atmosphere of our work place are qualities that stand out,” he explains. “Of course, this is on top of having a desire for the work that needs to be done on a day-to-day basis.”

When hiring before need, Zellner says Oasis finds entry-level roles for new hires to fill. This gives them time to “learn and train.” It a may even set them up for rapid advancement in the future.  

“That will serve you better than settling for a mediocre person down the road,” he adds. “Quality team members will always bring value and help contribute to the long-term success of your company.”