What Do all Great Design Build Landscape Companies Have? - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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What Do all Great Design Build Landscape Companies Have?


Design/build landscape business management was the focus during the NALP Field Trip with Marty Grunder at Mariani Landscape, in August. Here are a few things we learned that all great design build companies have in common – they:

  1. Have a vision, a dream and share it with their people. Not having a vision is like going on an excellent vacation without a map.
  2. Have excellent leadership. Great leaders lead by example. They are enthusiastic and communicate well. Your team won’t like surprises. Keep them engaged and foster an environment of information sharing. Great leaders also have integrity. Even small acts of dishonesty can be very harmful. Slow down for a moment and think about the type of person you would like to work for, and be that kind of leader.
  3. Know their numbers. Great leaders know their costs. Your team needs good information to do a good job. Keep score.
  4. Are focused on quality. They are completely focused on quality in all that they do. Great companies use the best materials, put together the best teams, provide the best service, and emphasize safety.
  5. Value their team. Company owners never achieve success by going alone. They get people to support their core values and treat them as part of their team. Your team includes your employees, vendors, subcontractors, and your community. Your team is comprised of virtually anyone who can help or hurt your company.
  6. Have a process for everything. Systems enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things. McDonalds and UPS have great systems. So do firefighters, who have systems that help them save lives. How many Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) do you have?
  7. Have a sense of urgency. Owners and managers are not satisfied with the status quo. Read The High Speed Company by Jason Jennings, and find out how important change is to success.
  8. Win awards. Award plaques do more than fill wall space. They are a testimonial to your work and commitment to excellence. Awards are great marketing tools and help recognize employees for their efforts.
  9. Have their share of characters. Great design/build companies have a mix of personalities, many of whom who see things a little differently than most. Their perspective can offer an alternative, an option that otherwise would go unnoticed.
  10. Do a little more. Great companies zig instead of zag. By doing more or doing things a little differently, they set themselves apart from competition.   

How does your company measure up? If you missed him in Chicago, you can see Marty Grunder at LANDSCAPES 2016 in Louisville, October 19-21, during his Town Hall Power Session, or at his sessions, How to Attain, Retain and Entertain a World Class Workforce, and How to Build Your Right Hand Man (or Woman!).