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The Trailblazer Advantage

Several years ago, we were hearing from other companies in our industry about the Trailblazer program. They said that they were meeting great industry leaders and learning new innovative ideas from these leaders. So, we gave the Trailblazer program a try. The PLANET Trailblazer program has been immensely helpful to our company.

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The Trailblazer program allows members to tap into some of the industry’s best business people. Through our involvement in the program, we have met with other great business owners, like Maurice Dowell of Dowco Enterprises, Inc., and Jeffery Scott from Landscape Success Systems.  In particular, the first year we participated in the program, we were teamed up with the former president of PLANET, Jason Cupp.   Jason was excellent to work with.  The expertise and experience he brought to the table helped change the way we hire and manage our employees. Jason’s ideas were such a success that he is now one of our regular consultants and a member on our company’s Board of Advisors. 


All of the various people and the companies involved in the Trailblazer program constantly amaze us with their willingness to share information and to provide advice in helping our company to solve our problems. This advantage is a great way to help your company grow intelligently. 


Josh Kane, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, President, Kane Landscapes, Inc.