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The Secret Weapon to Networking Success: Episode 16 of Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

In the 16th episode of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, hosts Miles Kuperus III, system architect at Include Software, Neal Glatt, managing partner of GrowTheBench, and Brett Lemcke, VP of R.M. Landscape talk to Thom Singer, a growth leadership speaker.

Singer is an advisor to executives, a speaker and content creator. After a successful career in sales and marketing, he became a growth leadership speaker in 2009. Singer earned his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) in 2014 and is committed to the business of meetings. He is the author of 12 books and is the host of the podcast “Making Waves at C-Level.”

In this podcast, Singer and the hosts discuss the importance of networking and making connections. Singer says all opportunities in life come through people. He advises going to events with a mindset of helping other people and providing value, instead of being a ‘networking vampire.’ They also chat about how to connect with others during virtual events.

Listen to the full podcast below.

Jill Odom

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