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The 2020 Spring Landscape Color Trends Are Out! Are They What You Predicted?

Puzzled by what your clients might be looking for in seasonal color and landscape design this coming spring? Wish you could key in on the nursery stock, container colors and outdoor furnishing tones you should be keeping your eyes on? If you could only tap into a crystal ball to tell you what consumers will be desiring once spring emerges again. Well, Pantone, the global authority on color, is giving you a helping hand by releasing its Color Trend Report for Spring/Summer 2020. Published for the fashion industry by the Pantone Color Institute, this season’s report features the top 12 stand out colors we can expect to see not only in fashion, but also in landscape blooms and outdoor decor, this spring.

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for Spring/Summer 2020 express our desire for a sense of the familiar. Friendly and relatable, this palette of colors conveys a sense of ease, while taking some unique twists and turns. Sounds like just what your clients’ landscapes might be yearning for.

“Combining our desire for stability, creativity and more spontaneous design approaches, the color palette for Spring/Summer 2020 infuses heritage and tradition with a colorful youthful update that creates strong multi-colored combinations as well as energizing and optimistic pairings,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Let’s take a look at some of the spring landscape color trends.

Spring Landscape Color Trends: Bright & Bold

At the top of the list is the not-to-be-missed Flame Scarlet, a confidence-building, fiery red.

You could say yellow is always a spring color—the spring’s outlook has Saffron and Sunlight. Saffron is a very strong and determined shade, while Sunlight borders on a warming pastel.

Is orange really the new black? Orange Peel, a tart color, has been hanging on as an influential shade more than ever before in the past 10 years. While color trend experts say orange has always been in and out—around for a few seasons and then disappears—now it seems that season after season there is some tone of orange present.

Spring Landscape Color Trends: Nothing But Blue

This season also has a healthy dose of tried-and-true blues, with three versions landing in the top 10.

Following the punchiness of the bright colors mentioned above, Classic Blue is a more dependable, boundless blue. Reminiscent of the wide-open evening sky, Classic Blue hints at possibility and has a calming influence.

Nineties-loving Millennials have helped to extinguish the dark denim trend and have replaced it with this more machine-washable baby blue called Faded Denim.

More complex than most blues, Mosaic Blue is a graceful and more sophisticated blue with an air of mystique and depth of feeling.

Spring Landscape Color Trends: The Accents

While the colors mentioned above top the list, there are always accents that pair well with the main tones.

Cool, refreshing and transportive, Biscay Green is an aqua shade that evokes vacation thoughts.

Move over kale, Chive is winning over the style-minded in terms of favorite colors.

Coral Pink is a softer, spring version of a previous color of the year, Living Coral. And this warm and welcoming color is continuing to have an impact.

Check Pantone’s website for a look at all of the Spring 2020 predicted shades.

What colors are you predicting for landscapes in your region for spring 2020?