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Survey on Use of Pyrethroid Class Pesticides

NALP was recently asked by the Pyrethroid Working Group (PWG) to survey our membership on use of pyrethroid class pesticides. In tandem with the re-registration process, the PWG and NALP recognize that pesticides are receiving increasing attention and regulation.  One aspect that has not received attention is the documentation of actual use and value of these products in the work of landscape professionals so we are asking for your assistance to help us gather data and provide unbiased, scientifically sound evidence on the use and value of pyrethroid insecticides. To that end, we are asking you to fill out the following short survey related to your use of pyrethroid’s in your practice:

To Complete the Survey please Click Here and enter the info below

Log-in Password:   NALP2016 (capitalization needed)

Your participation is very important and the survey is being managed in a way to insure your confidentiality.  A small, but statistically important number of professionals such as yourself are being asked to participate in this survey.

  • The scientific credibility of the results depends on your participation.
  • Your answers will be anonymous.
  • The descriptive data from the survey (no names, companies or even locations are being recorded) will be written up and shared with the National Pest Management Association, Pyrethroid Working Group, and the Environmental Protection Agency as part of the re-registration of Pyrethroids.

We have worked hard to make the survey as user-friendly as possible.  The survey should take only 15 minutes to complete.  If you have any questions or concerns about this request, please contact