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Student Career Days 2012: Through the Eyes of a Participant

PLANET Student Career Days has come and gone for 2012.  Thinking back to a few months ago…it was filled with fun, excitement, intensity, late nights and early mornings but what a great success it was.  The Pennsylvania College of Technology team started its 1,161 mile journey to Manhattan, Kansas, two days before the events of SCD were to begin.  The trip was filled with long naps, laughter, and restlessness.  As we were traveling I observed nature at its finest, the mountains of Pennsylvania, nicely landscaped cities of Ohio, beautiful farmland of Indiana and the rolling hills of Kansas.  It was then that I realized why our team and 61 other teams were all headed to Kansas, to have fun in the great outdoors that we all enjoy so much. 


As we arrived on the Campus of Kansas State University our team was greeted with the welcoming smiles of the PLANET staff.  After we registered it was time to learn and have fun.  The workshops were very informative as usual, and we have our industry professionals to thank for doing such a great job with them every year.  The career fair gave every student the opportunity to collaborate with potential employers from across the country.  Whether you were looking for an internship, a full time job or just someone to network with, they were there and willing to talk with you.  The competitions were great and get better every year.  The talent that comes from across the country is amazing and really shows how great it is to be part of the green industry.


PLANET gave Kansas State University the opportunity to open their doors for us to learn and compete while having fun doing both.  We did just that.  From registration to the closing ceremonies, everyone enjoyed their time in the “Little Apple.”  The volunteers in purple did an awesome job of guiding all of us around the beautiful campus.  PLANET and all of the industry sponsors give us students the opportunity to learn and be successful in our futures and we greatly appreciate that.  Student Career Days 2012 will go down as one of the best.  I encourage everyone who has not been to SCD to get there because it will benefit you and your future.  See you all in 2013 at Auburn University to learn, compete, have fun and most importantly brighten your future in the green industry.