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Solved: Big Liability Exposure for Lawn and Ornamental Care Companies

The application of herbicides and pesticides creates significant liability exposures for lawn and ornamental care companies. For this reason, specific insurance coverage is needed to protect their business in the event a third party is harmed either through bodily injury or property damage.

Introducing a One of a Kind Coverage for Lawn and Ornamental Care Companies

The average spray truck/rig can hold 400 to 600 gallons of product. Imagine one of your technicians doesn’t dilute the product properly and heads out for a full day of work. Thirty homes received an application from the same product and it resulted in the “burning” or destroying of them all. This means your company is liable for the damages and thereafter replacement of 30 lawns. The Landscape Services Workmanship Error – Property Damage policy provides coverage for this very scenario where a normal policy leaves you uninsured.

If you treat plants, trees and shrubs then you have the same concerns. Imagine if you damage a mature tree in error due to applying the wrong type of chemical or not diluting the product enough. Our policy will respond to replace the tree. If you’d like more information about this policy, contact NALP’s insurance partner Drew Garcia with Rancho Mesa at

  • Accidentally burning your customer’s lawn is a business risk. However, burning 30 lawns can put your entire business at risk. We have coverage for your customers’ property that your company inadvertently damages in error.
  • Treating shrubs and trees with chemicals can accidentally damage them beyond repair. We have coverage to replace shrubbery and trees that have not survived a treatment.
  • Spraying herbicides or pesticides can cause a third party to claim they’re sick because they inhaled fumes. We have coverage for bodily injury.
  • While installing plants, trees, shrubs or sod, they can get damaged or stolen. We have coverage to replace these materials.

NALP’s safety programs are produced in partnership with Rancho Mesa.

This article was published in the Jan/Feb issue of the magazine.