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Safety is no accident


Safety is a major part of Todd’s Enviroscapes business plan as it should be for any landscaping company.   Enviroscapes has learned over the years that if you are verbal about having a safe work place throughout your entire staff; it ultimately creates a safer work environment. They have scheduled weekly meetings on Wednesday mornings which focus on all aspects of their business which often include safety. A recent safety meeting featured an Ohio Sate Trooper speaking about safe vehicle operation, driving with a trailer and proper trailer hook up procedures. 

Ohio State Trooper speaking at the company safety meeting about safe driving and proper trailering techniques.
Ohio State Trooper speaking at the company safety meeting about safe driving and proper trailering techniques.




 The company emphasizes safety daily. At Enviroscapes they focus on creating a culture of safe work habits instead of just having safety policies (which they do have); which has led to fewer accidents.


Enviroscapes has implemented this culture by having a drug free workplace, partnering with a uniform company, and having proper training courses throughout the year.  Proper documentation of safety meetings and topics covered are important if you ever have an incident and need to defend your case.  If it is not written it is not said.   Employees are required an annual hearing test and a professionally taught CPR course is provided. The company partners with suppliers who offer high quality safe training.  To help create this culture the company has posted safety signs and reminders throughout the shop, office, trucks, and trailers.   

"Time for Safety"
"Time for Safety"


Standard equipment on all trucks is first aid kits, fire extinguishers, beacon lights, cones and truck binders as well as complete instructions for emergency contacts, insurance information and procedures to follow in the event of an accident or work related injury. Enviroscapes has been blessed with many years of service without major safety issues.  But working in the landscaping and maintenance industry, accidents do happen so being prepared is the best way to deal with safety situations.  


When it comes to safe operations, at Todd’s Enviroscapes safety is no accident.


According to Todd Pugh, owner  “It is not a matter of if you will have to deal with a safety issue but when you will have to and the real test is how well you are prepared to deal with the situation, it is better to be prepared than not prepared  especially when it comes to safety.”


Todd’s Enviroscapes, Inc. Louisville, Ohio employs 125 people and provides complete landscape and maintenance services in the Northeast Ohio area with branch locations in Akron, Louisville and Youngstown. For more information on PLANET’s safety resources, visit


 –Rick Cuddihe, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, is president of

Lafayette Consulting Co. If you have safe company practices that you’d like to share, you may reach him at Cuddihe serves on the PLANET Safety & Risk Management Committee and Landscape Management Specialty Group.