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Safety at its Best

Edward J. Snyder III, Owner Greenleaf Services, Inc. located in Linville, N.C. was one of PLANET’s recent Safety Recognition Awards winners but notably one of the seven recipients to have won the ‘Best of the Best’ award. This particular award honors the companies that have won the Overall Safety Achievement Award–Gold Performance status for the past three consecutive years.

Edward took a moment to share with us what safety means to him and the way in which he operates his business.

“Safety is not just a word. As a business owner, safety is a commitment to my employees and business by way of our company’s culture. It is my responsibility that I provide the safest environment for my employees to help ensure they return home safe and sound to their families each and everyday. Being part of the PLANET STARS Safety Company Program gives me the tools and information to incorporate safety into my company’s culture.”



Lou Kobus, Landscape Industry Certified, president of Fox Run Nurseries, was also one of the ‘Best of the Best’ winners.  Here is his view of PLANETs STARS Safety Company Program…


“A good company safety program which prevents accidents… saves money.”  Being part of PLANET’s STARS program and participating in the Safety Recognition Awards helps my company work towards safety excellence through our involvement and sharing our experiences.

The cost of rehabilitation of individuals, lost time, cost of repair or replacement of equipment/vehicles and the lost production time “on the job”,  is significantly more costly than any cost associated with a Company Safety Program.” An accident which results in lost time, manpower, equipment, and/or vehicle usage equates to lost production and resultant revenue. We at Fox Run Nurseries believe that by having a safety program in place, incorporating frequent and adequate training to our staff and by providing an environment that advocates safety, that our staff will take ownership to prevent hazards and injuries. Our safety record reflects our commitment.


We all know that safety is a priority on the job. If you aren’t already a STARS member, join the STARS Safety Company program, a free safety initiative designed for companies to set the precedent for safety throughout the industry. The STARS program helps industry service provider companies lower their total costs of risk by reducing hazards and injuries. With this initiative, PLANET works to connect all landscape industry companies in an effort to lessen the risks associated with this industry.

In addition, PLANET’s Safety Recognition Awards program, sponsored by CNA, is accepting applications for those companies that consistently demonstrate their commitment to safety, and reflects the dedication of these individuals and their companies to creating and maintaining safe work environments. By entering, you will receive a free copy of the Safety Benchmarking Survey! The deadline to enter is around the corner…April 30, 2013.