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Premier Oaks Landscape Management Never Misses a Beat with CompanyCam

Photo: Premier Oaks Landscape Management

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Premier Oaks Landscape Management serves the Dallas / Ft. Worth metro area with a full range of services, including landscape design, lawn and landscape maintenance, irrigation and sprinkler maintenance, outdoor lighting installation, and more.

Founder and owner Anthony Harris began his landscaping career as a kid entrepreneur with a mower and some friends. He hired his first employee at age 17. Harris kept at it and was savvy enough to manage and grow his business while attending college out of state in Oklahoma.

After graduating with a landscape management degree from Oklahoma State, Harris returned to his DFW roots. The business continues to expand and focuses exclusively on high-end residential clients — a choice Harris stands by.

Photo: Premier Oaks Landscape Management

“I would rather have 100 high-end clients than 200 average landscaping clients,” Harris says. “It’s how I’ve built our business over time and helps us give the best possible service and end results.”

Harris now has 15 year-round employees and can see an influx of an additional 10 or so seasonal crew members. Premier Oaks even established a separate business in 2018 to handle their outdoor lighting workload, Premier Oaks Lighting, which is over a third of Premier’s total ARR.

Improved Communication and Documentation

With such a wide range of clients and services, it became increasingly challenging for Harris and his crew to communicate effectively. And let’s face it, driving from job to job across a metro area can be a time suck. Harris knew there had to be a better way to communicate and document the quality work his company provides.

In 2018, Harris signed his crew up for CompanyCam. Since then, Premier Oaks has created over 4,000 projects and found benefits Harris didn’t initially expect.

“We love CompanyCam and use it every day,” Harris says. “It’s been a huge time saver and has helped us with quality control as well.”

Harris is able to check in on his crews and verify exactly what work is getting completed instantly. He can keep track of his crews.

CompanyCam also helps Harris plan the holiday displays for his Premier Oaks Lighting customers. Harris and his team take photos of homes and are able to mark out exactly which light types to bring and any considerations ahead of time.

Adapting to New Technology

One of the biggest problems Harris sees impacting landscape businesses in 2022 is the price increases.

“It’s a difficult market to hire and retain talent in,” Harris says. “Price increases from suppliers and vendors — the cost of everything is going up. It’s getting harder by the day to stay profitable.”

Photo: Premier Oaks Landscape Management

The solution?

“The only way landscapers will make it is to adapt by utilizing technology and more efficient products to save time and money where we can,” Harris says. “Especially when it comes to maintenance landscaping.”

CompanyCam saves contractors an hour a day, every day. Photos captured in the app are instantly synced from the field back to the office. Crew members, admins, project managers, etc. are all on the same page — saving time, money, and headaches.

As landscapers continue to find ways to steady the flow of business, investing time into the exploration of new technology solutions is a must. Evaluating business processes pays off. It certainly paid off for companies like Premier Oak Landscape Management using CompanyCam.

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